The focus of CCR ministries is basically Evangelisation through renewal within the Catholic Church and to proclaim Jesus Christ to all peoples we come in contact with. We believe that the Holy Spirit will renew the Church if we accept Jesus as our Saviour and come into a personal relationship with Him and surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit. Through these ministries the opportunity is given to grow in the knowledge of Jesus, to receive

His healing touch and how to use the Charisms to share the good news with others.

The CCR will often operate ecumenically to achieve this. In fact when we are unified in praise or ministry with our brother and sister Christians, God very often ministers to us in a powerful way.

The ministries that the CCR currently is involved with are as follows:

Life in the Spirit Seminars

These Seminars have talks on: The love of God, Jesus as our Lord and Savoir, Receiving Gods gifts and Baptism in the Holy Spirit. We will assist prayer groups and parishes throughout New South Wales in running these seminars. We await your invitation to discuss the possibilities with you.

Retreats and Conferences
We run generally one weekend conference or retreat each year and on some years we plan to run a second during the year. See Events on this website.

Facilitate Events and Speakers
These events may take the forms, worship evenings involving healing, including healing masses, evangelisation, leadership training and teachings to help us in our walk with God, the Church and how to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  To see what events are on, see the calendar page on this website under events.

Alpha Course

The NSW CCR supports the Alpha Course and we ran the Course for the first time at the CCR Centre in the first half of 2010.

This course was developed at the Anglican Holy Trinity Church at Brompton, London, England.  The Alpha Course is designed primarily for people who aren't churchgoers however each course is open to everyone who would like to attend. The course has brought many people back to the Church and has been fruitful in bringing non believers into a relationship with Jesus and into the Church community.

These courses have been run throughout the world by many denominations and in many Catholic Parishes. They have brought many Catholics back to the practise of their faith and have helped the Mass to be more meaningful. Many non believers who have attended go on to do the RCIA program and then to Baptism. The course includes 3 sessions on the Holy Spirit followed by Baptism in the Spirit. If anyone is interested in this ministry for their parish or at the CCR Centre please contact Mike Lulan at the CCR Centre. The Alpha website is:

Talks and Prayer Ministry to Groups

The CCR is here to help prayer groups and is very willing to discuss with you ways in which we can help you in your various ministries within the prayer group of parish.

Prayer Ministry at the CCR Centre at Rozelle

Terry and Isobel Boccalatte are prayer ministry coordinators at the CCR Centre and appointments can be made for you if you want to avail yourself of this. Many have been “set free” by Jesus through this ministry. A team of trained voluntary prayer ministers operate at the Centre on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. An appointment must be made before you attend. There is no charge made for this ministry although donations are gratefully accepted.  On a more limited basis appointments can be made to see prayer ministers at Greystanes.

Sr Margaret Scully RSC also conducts prayer ministry at the CCR Centre. Again appointments must be made and no charge is made.
Appointments can be made by ringing the CCR Centre on 02 9810 2499.

Elijah House Prayer Ministry Schools

The CCR supports the Elijah House Prayer Ministry Schools which are run at the Centre from time to time.  These courses are facilitated by Terry and Isobel Boccalatte. The Elijah House programs are non denominational. For more information, visit

Other ministries currently under consideration include music ministry and prayer ministry outreach programs.