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Pentecost 2019
Pentecost 2019
Pentecost 2019
Pentecost 2019
Pentecost 2019
Pentecost 2019
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Nov-2018 Voice Of The Spirit


The greatest leader who ever walked this earth came from a poor Jewish background and was born in a stable. His
mother came from a small town in Galilee; his father was a carpenter and no doubt he taught the trade to his son.
One can imagine that, as a child, he was as mischievous as any other; in fact, we know that at one stage when his
parents took him to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of the Passover, he wandered off leaving themwith the dilemma of trying to find him in the milling crowd. After three days they discovered him in the Temple where, young and all as he was, he had the undivided attention of the ‘hierarchy’. He then returned with his mystified parents to their little home in Nazareth where he lived under their authority for thirty years in what one could call ‘a hidden life’.
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