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Pentecost 2019
Pentecost 2019
Pentecost 2019
Pentecost 2019
Pentecost 2019
Pentecost 2019
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May 2018 - Voice of the Spirit

What a day of surprises!.. What a day of joy!..What a day with the Lord!.. And for all of that we praise Him!
Jagath Francis Nanayakakkara , from Sri Lanka and a leader there in the Community of the Risen Lord, was our guest speaker for the day at Rozelle. From the moment he entered the hall, quite spontaneously a small group had gathered with him lifting up their voices in praise of God. Drawn by its power, drawn by its prayerfulness, others unobtrusively joined the group to the point where Sandy had difficulty initiating the formalities of the day! Once the whole gathering joined together in praising and worshipping our great God, the place was ‘on fire’ in the Spirit; again it was so powerful, so prayerful...... 
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